[HTCondor-world] HTCondor 8.8.3 Released

Date: Wed, 29 May 2019 02:29:14 +0000
From: Tim Theisen <tim@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [HTCondor-world] HTCondor 8.8.3 Released
The HTCondor team is pleased to announce the release of HTCondor 8.8.3.
A stable series release contains significant bug fixes.

Highlights of this release are:
- Fixed a bug where jobs were killed instead of peacefully shutting down
- Fixed a bug where a restarted schedd wouldn't connect to its running jobs
- Improved file transfer performance when sending multiple files
- Fix a bug that prevented interactive submit from working with Singularity
- Orphaned Docker containers are now cleaned up on execute nodes
- Restored a deprecated Python interface that is used to read the event log

More details about the fixes can be found in the Version History:

Downloads Page:

Thank you for your interest in HTCondor!

- The HTCondor Team

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