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[HTCondor-users] condor_submit - Rank expression of jobs ignored

Recently, I upgraded my pool from condor 8.0.5 to condor 8.2.4 and noticed that the Rank expressions in the job description file I hand over to condor_submit seem to be ignored completely. As an example: When I set

Rank = KFlops


Rank = Memory

Condor assigns the jobs to arbitrary machines in the pool even if all machines in the pool are unclaimed/idle whereas in Condor 8.0.5 the correct machine was chosen (with the same job description file). The config file I use for 8.0.5 and 8.2.4 is identical.

My first question is: Is this a known issue of the new version and/or does anyone have the same issue?

Second question: I'd like to debug this and for this I'd need to see somehow the Rank the job assigns to each specific machine such that I can understand what's happening. Is there a debug flag I could switch on for the daemons such that this information is written to the logs and I can analyze the matchmaking process?