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[Condor-users] Bug in View_Client module?


I recently installed the View_Client module version 2.1 on my condor master (Linux fedora 16 / x86_64 with Condor 7.7.5). The module runs fine, but there is a problem with the time axis; the time axis seems to cut out the times when there are no machines in the pool.

The pool consists of public library PCs, which are usually switched off during the night.
When no PCs are in the pool, the View_Client graph shows irregular time jumps on the x-axis. Occasionally one or two library PCs remain on during the night, and then this 'time jump' does not happen.

A have annotated this problem with a few screen shots here:



You can check my View_Client 'life' here:

Is this a bug in the View_Client module, or some bad communication between View_Client and the newer version of Condor?

Thank you.